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In January 2010, Wiser Technology introduced an energy drink and named it Buzz and Wiser.  We felt the name was appropriate because Buzz denotes a frog that is always spaced out and constantly getting into trouble.  It signifies the drunk driver that doesnt use its head prior to getting behind the wheel of car and putting others at risk.  Drunk driving is still a major problem among young and older drivers and it continues to be the number 1 cause of car accidental deaths in the United States.  Wiser, on the other hand, constantly looks out for Buzz and tries hard to ensure that he stays out of trouble.  I suppose that one can look at Wiser as being the designated driver.

Buzz/Wiser is a true energy drink with a taste of karma in every can; it contains vitamins from a-z. We also added a secret ingredient
to eliminate the effect of a hangover.  The product is currently offered in the Spearmint flavor.  Sticking with our goal of donating a percentage of earnings to charitable organizations, Wiser Technology began its promotion in January 2010 by offering 50% of the profits from Buzz/Wiser towards free taxi cab service and to a future non-profit organization called KarmaCause.org.  The drink contains a detachable bottom that turns into a game.  More details will be provided on KarmaCause.org in the near future.

For additional information on Buzz/Wiser and how to get it into your local establishment, you may email us at BuzzWiser@WiserTechnology.com