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Big deal guys, it inflates! Wiser Says,

No need for pump or air compressor! Wiser car cover.

Watch video of Prototype, No need just look below!

Wiser Technology soon will be releasing its inflatable car cover.  Our chief engineer and developer came upon the idea while driving through a heavy golf ball size hail storm in the Denver area.  He knew that car covers existed; however, they were cumbersome and difficult to inflate.  They also provided little to no protection during heavy hail storms.  So not wanting to damage his brand new vehicle, he figured out an easy way to inflate the device.

The Wiser Car Cover comes with a retractable hose valve, one located at each tire that Can easily be attached to the air stem valve on a car tire, (No pump is needed.)  It covers the entire car (Also bikini top model) and takes less than 45 seconds to inflate. The cover is portable, easy to use, and takes up very little space in the trunk of a car.  The material that the cover is made of is extremely durable and is tough enough to withstand any size hail storm.  We are so pleased with the technology that we are considering a similar idea for roof tops of homes.

Hail storms can strike almost anywhere quite unexpectedly.  The annual cost of hail storm damages, mostly to roofs and cars, is estimated at over $1 Billion Dollars.  Damages can included dented hoods, broken glass, and hefty auto insurance claims.

The Wiser Car Cover also provides additional security for a vehicle.  It tightly secures the automobile and makes anyone looking to steal the vehicle think twice. There is already a lot of interest in the product from car dealerships and insurance companies.

You may not be able to predict and control Mother Nature; however, you can control your car’s well being.  For additional information on this product, please feel free to contact us at the following number: 770.70W.ISER
 or at