The Erica Forney Application:

With newer phones it is possible to gauge how fast you are moving.  This feature has already been utilized by people who ski and snowboard.  There is an application that will record your speed, rate of decent and angle of decent.  After reading stories like Erica’s,


we at wiser technology decided to put this feature to better use.  We have developed an application that can be installed on any smart phone that senses when the cell owner is moving over 10 miles per hour.  When this sensor is triggered, the phone will not receive or send calls or text messages and will disconnect any active call.  The calls will then be routed to a special voicemail alerting the caller the person they are trying to reach is in the car and prompting them to leave a voice mail or call back.  Text messages will be queued until the phone comes to a stop for more then 3 minutes and then they will be delivered.  Calling will be restored instantly for emergency purposes and on top of the voice mail, a list of missed calls will be provided.


Now for passengers in cars, there is a feature that will disable the application.  How it disables it depends on how the program is set up.  If you have administrative rights, you can disable it on your own phone with a password or remotely on another phone with a text message (if you have administrative rights on that phone as well).  For example, a parent would put this application on their 16 year old child’s phone and not give them administrative rights while on their personal phone, have it set up to be disabled with the password. If the parent wanted to disable it remotely through text message, they can choose between a couple different options: allow next call, allow next text or allow calls/texts for the next 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes.  The child has no way of disabling the feature.  To be clear, whenever the phone starts moving more then 10 MPH, the application kicks in and disables calling and texting and disconnects any live call.  You then have to enter the password or send a text to disable it.  Beware not to cheat the system though!  Every call and text made and received while the sensor is being overridden is documented.  This allows the ability to look back in the phone log and see if and when the application was disabled and what calls or texts were made or sent. 



-911 will always be allowed to dial out.

-If someone is calling and it is an emergency, they can hit ‘9’ during the voicemail and it will cause the phone to ring (it is recommended to make this a unique ring tone).  The call still cannot be answered while moving, but this is meant to alert the driver that someone needs to urgently contact them and to find a safe place to pull off the road and call back.




Wiser No Phone Zone! Iphone app, below