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In memory of the Marlboro Men who lost their lives...


     KARMA on X-mas day, In The Name of Jesus Christ King of Kings Lord of Lords Thank you GOD, AMEN!

We were asked by our New York attorney to remove all our evidence at Diigo!

 FYI- Andy's ex-fiance is 1/2 African-American & that makes their son 1/4;)

 "Daryl Acumen slandering Andy Esquivel with lies doesn't work anymore! We all are witness to your actions for the past five years & we all will be at trial to bring down your conspiracy! J.S


Note Mark Arrington @ 1:52 Andy's new Attorney is busy checking out all our LinkedIn profiles, Holje nor Albright are on this list, does that tell you anything.

Thank you Honorable Judge Connors for Mr. Arrington

FYI- August/22/2013 the new D.A. & Lyon both begged Judge Connors NOT to give Andy Mr. Arrington, it's on court record.

"HEY DARYL, ONLY YOU OR RYION CLICK": http://youtu.be/aXTxoPFmL0k
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Here's Steve Klemarks ID: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/2a7gz/q31k
Daryl Acumen since you will NOT answer us @ D. & Ryan Butcher uploaded JUDGE CONNORS Court Video(:0) THX GUYS=x(;= can you please eXplain the activities in this video PLEASE! 

In this Video Andy takes a stand for Honorable Judge Connors watch ASAP;-)x



Mr. Esquivel: "Daryl Acumen today I am calling you out December 07, 2013 only 31 days until Judge Connors finds out EVERYTHING January 07. 2014;)x last chance Daryl to explain the activity’s on this video so that way when you don't show-up 01/2014 as Sindy Manzano predicts "I bet Daryl doesn't show" come on Daryl the hero should be there right? Back to what I was saying the Judge will see this screenshot and maybe then if you post Daryl, he will read your comment and realize Daryl Acumen is a HERO and the whole COURT will start singing for YOU like your favorite TV show GLEE Daryl. How about you Gandalf & your Phoenix 0f Order can you enlighten us on the activities of this 8 minute video? Daryl, Gandalf come-out and play your games:)x
(Everyone Please Do Not Comment Only Daryl Acumen & His buddy "Gandalf")" Posted: 7am 12/7/2013.     
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Steve Klemark CIO of WiserTechnology.com

   Andy Esquivel "I'm a NOBODY but GOD still has my back"

To: Daryl & co-conspirators its this simple:

 Xtagged.com filed patent 11/09/2007 &

Bump.com filed patent May/20/2010:'(

Info @ 

Daryl Acumen loses it December 19, 2013 click ASAP:

           #1               #2                #3

We were asked by our New York attorney to remove all our evidence at Diigo!

Daryl & his con wife Shirley truth @ DARYLACUMEN told by Daryl's mom

Daryl, Ryion & Chris E. tell documentary film maker Ron Kelsay
 "Utah State Will Have Andy Raped In Prison" note date, court in progress.

Ryion B. turning Steve's $5,000 down in 2009 when Logan was paid in full!

Chris E. admits he knew about Bountiful attack in 2009.

Kyle Cluffs $90,000 exstortion email to Andy...

 Andy wanted this X-ring promo shot.

Andy did not want to do promo below because of the (HATERS) he wanted this pic above of just his hand and no beautiful women at his side.

           Daryl said the same thing with Wiser E-Cig, note the pics at bottom of John Steer & Wiser e-cig lol...

Andy's promo with two beautiful women in Bountiful Utah MAY 10, 2009, contributed to May 24, 2009 attack that J.C. Ynchausti conspired...

Click this pic above for WiserAds DVD release;)x

This was Xtagged ring promo @ John & Andy's Sushi shop in Bountiful Utah 2009... 

           Bountiful Utah 2009;)x

           Here's police report it shows Andy called 911 not Hero's;)x

                                       Men who attacked!



Daryl Acumen Busted 12/11/2013;)x

 To: Daryl, Ryion & co-conspirators

More info @

Wiser News Drops;)x

This reminds us of the haters in Bountiful Utah =(x(;)=