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In memory of the Marlboro Men who lost their lives...

Denise Bartlett's $5,000 check just click here...

Andy couldn't release evidence until all conspirators were linked or we would have released copy of this check above three years ago when Plaintiff Ryion Butcher started posting "Andy is a piece of sh--t con-artist and never has paid a cent of child support" 

Daryl Acumen Cease & Desist, your lies have been eXposed to all! & as for your Revenge on Andy, it was your mother Rebecca Dunn that:

  Outed your criminal & s.t.d records online, YR MOM D. NOT ANDY!

Xtagged CEO Rebecca Dunn "IRL" Xtag Book Preview, & proof of Denise Bartlett helping Daryl Acumen slander Andy Just click above.

Soon you'll see "Xtagged Scandal" was made up by Daryl Acumen &

co-conspirators... Daryl tried
 to bring down Xtagged & John Richards!

We Fired Daryl in 2007, Wiser Technology nor Xtagged are scams!
What have we all learned from Daryl Acumen,

                   Click here to see new Wiser Technology logo:

                                Xtagged.com YouTube created Nov 20, 2007:

                       "2009 //www.facebook.com/Xtagged"

                      Xtagged 2007 - 2012 news media click press.


YouTube 10/24/2012 Andy Esquivel trial was cancelled! On 10/02/2012 the prosecutor said that his investigators are now on Andy's evidence 2008 Xtagged, Inc paperwork, plaintiff perjury, emails, videos & soon Andy's witnesses etc... Click link above:

Xtagged's Andy Esquivel trial is now set for 10/24/2012! <-New info

Xtagged CEO Rebecca Dunn & son Daryl Acumen finally face off!

 Daryl posted. " Lie: Rebecca Dunn (my biological mother) is now CEO of Wiser Technology, LLC
   I actually am the legal owner of the rights to the name Wiser technology, LLC in Colorado [link] and I           wouldn't hire Rebecca Dunn to wash dishes in the lunchroom! "

 FYI Daryl Acumen actually is not the owner of Wiser Technology            screenshot click here see another lie... see ya all at trial! 

           X out scams Daryl & co- conspirators, Strike three your out!

 Karma cause says it best click here, Wiser Team.

This comment shared from Andres Esquivel's LinkedIn;

 "We were to post update 07-19 weekend on the 1 year anniversary of the fake security charges filed in Utah! Do to the Colorado theater massacre we had to postpone it because of the anger at Wiser Technology against Daryl Acumen, Ryion Butcher & all co-conspirators since 2009. Please let me briefly explain Wiser team, Steve KlemarkRebecca Dunn & Andy in 2010 had invented new technology that we were to donate to the people of Columbine high school and this technology would have saved lives if it were not for the extreme negligence of Daryl Acumen & co-conspirators smear/slander campaign...

Double tragedy for Colorado shooting victim: Our deepest condolences.

9News.com Denver Colorado click image;

It's Wiser Time:)x 

Digital Internet Dna:)x Deletes

All Cyber Crime:'( On The Wiser World Web;)x

      Andres Esquivel;)x    vs.   Daryl Acumen:'(

Update on the Ut S.E.C. that Ryion B:'( & Daryl A:'( 

manipulated: PLEASE CLICK HERE A.S.A.P;)x

Congratulations Kirk Yuhnke We Are Big Fans...Team Wiser:)x

April-03-2013 Colorado Judge notes slander, extortion etc...
Utah servant of the court J.C Ynchausti 2009: Never noted!
and UT private super lawyer Mr. M. Holje 2011: Never noted!
Bountiful Judge, Andy told "Afraid For Life" 2011: Never noted!
American Fork Judge manipulated by Holje 2012: Never noted!
Farmington Ut Judge Allphin pretrial 03.21.2012: Never noted!
Holje fired, Utah servant of the court Albright 2012: No Never!   Allen Brady: "They will try & slip this through a crack
The honorable Judge Connors will finally hear it all 05-14-2013!

Daryl still claiming it's all because of B.Y.U's John Richards..:)x

     Utah Xtagged Rep, Plaintiff Ryion Butcher:'(

       Plaintiff Ryion Butcher conspiring with Daryl Acumen:'(

 Allen Brady, Andy Esquivel & Steve Klemark video click here.  

E-Shar Jenkins if password needed Karmacause@ymail.com 


Mr. Esquivel will be posting company video after a WiserAd! 
Ladd, Chris, Kyle we've never denied your Xtagged ownership

April. 03. 2013 Colorado Judge notes Slander, Extortion etc... 

Allen Brady "Why didn't the Bountiful Judge & J.C Ynchausti:'( Dec/2011 spot this, Holje & Albright:'( never noted these crimes slander, extortion etc."  

Answer: J.C Ynchausti yes he covered-up 05/2009 attack:'(


The Bible: Episode 5 Sneak Peek (2 min)

Get an exclusive look at the series finale of the new HISTORY series, The Bible.

                                       Finale tonight. Yahoo story click here...



To: Daryl A. & co-conspirators its this simple:

Click here Xtagged.com filed patent 11/09/2007

and Bump.com filed patent May 20 of 2010!

More info: http://wisertechnology.com/Xtag.php

    Dak da Hak;)x--->D-Bomb calls for full investigation.

911 bombshell evidence from Dustin Reedel aka Dak da Hak!

                 Andres Esquivel;) x    vs.   Daryl Acumen:'(

Wiser Technology co-owners wouldn't let me load this video until Allen Brady heard back from Utah State Bar & Allen got the call Friday, here's video attorney Albright posted 12/27/12...


Now we just let the Utah State Bar investigation move forward. Attorney Albright's video uploaded 12/27/12! I bet Albright feels foolish now especially after he lied in court 02/26/2013, get the video of pretrial it cost $10 at Davis court (call 801-447-3816 case #111701135 Andy Esquivel) Thx Team Wiser.

I was going to upload videos of J.C Ynchausti & Holje 3/3/13... Allen Brady said wait because Utah State Bar called him 3/1/13.

Xtagged.com witness Jeff Parker 1st co-owner 2006 at pretrial!


                                                                                        X=US;) x

1. This screenshot proves the state has no case, Just Click It! 


2. Mr. Albright never gave state my evidence, sounds like Holje!

3. Text between Albright & Andy. Click pic for Daryl's info blog!

02/26/13 Albright told judge state didn't ask for continuance. As you can see text picture above proves he's lying like Daryl

Wiser technology has invented new attorney app for Iphone it exposes corrupt attorneys & highlights honest attorneys.

Wiser A app is way beyond just posting bad attorneys, sample.

Wiser Technology warned Twitter of this flaw in 2011!


I am Back! Hello everyone my name is Andy Esquivel I would like to thank Team Wiser Allen, John, SharLeonard etc. as you may have heard by now trial was cancelled again. I will get my day in court no matter how long it takes. I will not take misdemeanors they are trying to force to save themselves from a lawsuit all because Ryion & Daryl lied to the Utah S.E.C!

 You hear that Daryl Acumen I will never quit until I see you and your mother Rebecca Dunn take the stand at trial!!!

Genesis 32:24-30

New International Version (NIV)

24 So Jacob was left alone,

911 info from Rebecca Dunn herself, MR.Daryl Acumen called her CRYING: "Please mom don't let them put me in prison, please I beg you, I'm sorry"

Rebecca: "I warned you Daryl, in the end  AndrewRyion and Ladd would blame the nxxxxx" 

            Wiser Ads 

They cancelled trial 10/24/12 & now 02/26/13... 

   Click it to see Xtagged owners react @ Facebook.

Elijah J. Esquivel 11:13 01/31/2013! K/C's Aquarius Amen.

Daddy Andy & Elijah! Eli's first word "Wisertechnology":0

 Yahoo follows us video & news links updated;) x 

wwwKARMACAUSEcom Search where every click counts!

Karma Cause "Desperation Breeds Creativity"Amen!


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It's that time of year again 2012 gift to humanity!

Wiser Technology 2012 internet (.Org) gift to humanity that we  

 announce on Christmas day 2012, 
click gift box below. 

Merry X-mas & A Happy Wiser New Year!


 Wiser team's 2012 gift to humanity unveiling 12/25/12 7pm


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Cynthia Wade; Info@Xooplay.Org

Mr. Jenkins; 303.588.1699

Nikia key Harper;    https://www.facebook.com/Key2theCity 


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Leap Motion: 3D hands-free motion control...

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Honda invents wiser wheels;) Click 4 video

Honda unveils 'Segway-style' unicycle that travels in any direction you want


                   Best Motivational Video-Watch this every morning!


     This is for you Andy, we'll continue the Digital internet revolution///

Wiser Technology Honors Dreamers Today        That Become Doers Tomorrow! 


Carlos Mencia gets his Twitter verification. Thank you Twitter!

                       911 new INFO pic @ XTAGGED! By S. Jenkins 


Friend Wiser Technology for instant updates.

"Ham Radio" The true beginning of Xtagged Andy was seven! 
          "I ? started in ham radio in the early 1950's with the call sign 4X7XW as a young man" 
Men would put their call sign on licences plate. Shar Jenkins father's "Ham Radio" call sign is on his Corvette that's why Shar bought-out Logan laws 09/14/2009.

Sylvester C. Jenkins "Ham Radio Plate # 2012"


Wiser e-cig was born 04/2009 called time to X-out smoking click here to view our Utah CITYWEEKLY news story & you will also see the birth of Buzz/wiser then called X-out DUI! 

John Steer 2012 e-cig tour!

Xpatrol will live forever... John great job with e-cigs bro! 

Support Kony 2012 at Karmacause.com  


 "The Truth Has Been Set Free"  


Wiser D.I.D-forum is coming 07/04/2012! Have you ever wanted to help your favorite website with a great Idea. Owners of big websites need your ideas and want you to trust them in a digital open forum of good inventors.
Wiser Technology knows first-hand what it's like to have idea's stolen... 

WiserFacebook.com, WiserMyspace.com, WiserTwitter.com,
WiserGoogle.com, WiserGodaddy.com, WiserBump.com, WiserGym.com

etc. gave us the idea of a world team network to help with your ideas 'make them wiser together', and be assured 100% digital evidence of your intellectual property is protected by www.DigitalInternetDna.com & Chimera membership, let's work together for Karma!

For this idea above Andy gave 50% of all his ideas ownership to Wiser Technology and in turn Wiser Technology gave 50% of it's ownership towww.Karmacause.com! The truth is there are only two kinds of inventors--- #1. A greedy inventor & #2. A good inventor!  

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 Wiser Whisper Starring with Tobacco Taz @ Xtranormal.com


Wiser Team wishes Xooplay's Key to the city Happy B-Day!

Key will announce where the contest will take place soon. 


Colorado Rockies game 2010. 

Here comes the contest of the year Dee-Dee-Dee!!!

  hacked.  CLICK HERE!

Our website Wiser Electronic Cigarettes has been hacked for the third time. These cheeze hacks are very traceable... Everything is recorded 24/7 for court, sorry for the inconvenience call 770.709.4737 or 424.570.5777 for all Wiser e-cig business orders.  

For more info on Daryl Acumen's hacks just click here... 

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 Wiser team's 2011 gift to humanity unveiling 12/25/11 7pm

9,000 views of the real Daryl Click Here, he really still thinks people believe him. Monday 10pm we will upload video about Xtagged that will 100% make Daryl look so foolish you will be amazed. The media already knows about it, that's

Congratulations Xtagged! Now a blast from the past                    
Xtagged.com presents D.J Felli Fel @ Playground.



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No Phone Zone,

Over a year ago, Oprah began her ‘No Phone Zone’ campaign and pleaded with the public to join her in banning the use of using cell phones while driving.  Oprah took up the cause after reading about a mother that had lost her daughter as a result of someone that was using a cell phone while driving. The young girl was 9 year old Erica Forney of Ft. Collins, Colorado who was riding her bike in a residential area when hit by a 2003 Ford Expedition that drifted into the bicycle lane.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 6000 people died in 2008 as a result of distracted driving.  I cannot begin to tell you of the near misses that I have experienced that could have been fatal from people being distracted while texting or talking on their cell phone while driving.  In April of this year, Oprah was successful in getting at least 30 states to participate in her “No Phone Zone” campaign.  These states agreed to use social media, variable message signs along highways and traditional media to get the message out.  The effort is supported by the U.S. Department of Transportation, GHSA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Focus Driven, and SADD (Students against Destructive Decisions).


The April 2010 issue of PC World praised Oprah for her efforts.  The article read “To really encourage people not to use their phone while driving, we need better technology.  The auto industry needs to make Bluetooth integration and voice activation standard, not optional, and phone makers need to work with them to make it as easy as possible for all users.”


Wiser Technology is pleased to announce that we have included a No Phone Zone as part of our Wiser NPZ application as a gift to Oprah!  The application will be dedicated to Erica Forney in hopes that it will not only honor her brief time here on earth; but, it will serve as a constant reminder of how fatal using a cell phone while driving can be.  We are in the process of speaking with different state and federal organization for endorsement.  Stay turned for more information!!!

How the Application Works Just click it!


Happy Labor Day
, come get your free $100 Karma Credit & get
a taste of Karma, and Colorado!

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