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In memory of the Marlboro Men who lost their lives...



Welcome to Wiser Technology, LLC.  We are a group of innovators whose main focus is to make the planet safer and healthier by introducing leading edge technology.  We feel that we have been blessed with the gift to dream which is free to all people.  We recognize that it is what we do with those dreams that will determine our success from failure.  We made a pledge early on to promote Karma by donating a percentage of our earnings to worthwhile charitable organizations.

During the past few years, we have looked for ways to make the Internet safer as can be seen in our Xtag.co technology.  Knowing the negative outcome of cigarette smoking, we ventured into the electronic cigarette market and looked for ways to improve the technology.  We recognize that the planet is constantly changing and is being impacted by global warming.  Weather patterns are becoming fiercer each year with increased tornados and hurricanes producing severe hail storms.  For that reason, we perfected an inflatable car cover. 

We continue to hear of deaths from binge drinking and drunk driving.  Most of the energy drinks on the market are loaded with caffeine that when mixed with alcohol are hazardous and putting consumers at greater risk.  Wiser Technology addressed this problem by creating an energy drink that is loaded with vitamins and a secret ingredient.  Today our nation is faced with many challenges that include terrorists, pedophiles, and other undesirable predators that are difficult to pinpoint and brought to justice.  We attacked this problem through the use of Chimera technology.

For the short time that we have been existence, we have been faced with many obstacles and challenges.  At times, it appeared that each step we took forward, certain forces were determined to make us turn back.  It was only through faith, perseverance, and pure determination that motivated us to move forward.  Our future looks very bright.  We shall never forget what it took to get to this point.  We shall continue to strive to improve the planet and to make a positive difference.