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Written By Beckie Dunn,   


In January 2007, I met for the first time Andres Esquivel who is known to many as Andy.  At the end of a three-hour meeting and brainstorming session, Andy looked at me and stated, “This is great Karma” and he went on to elaborate his vision of promoting Karma all over the world.

What is the definition of karma Cause? The Internet defines it as "A Sanskrit term for cause and effect, for what we call, As you sow, so shall you reap, in the Bible. We have been sowing a lot of bad and good deeds since thousands of millenniums, since time began. That's how we continue to exist here, because we keep paying and borrowing, and paying, repaying. All the time, we come back to repay the past debt. So in order to be clear of this and to be free of bondage, we have to erase the past karma. The only thing that we can do to erase the past karma, once and for all, is enlightenment. Once we're enlightened, the past is gone.”

With all of the turbulence and natural disaster in the world today consisting of wars, earthquakes, floods, fires, drought, famine, and dictatorship; Karma Causes are needed as never before.  Usually with these atrocities comes the need for donations in the form of telethons, walkathons, and marathons to name a few.  Many of these fund raising activities are successful initially; however, they are followed by complaints that the majority of the donations are skimmed off on top; scam artists get involved and establish illegal charities; and a majority of the funds never reach the recipient for which it was intended thus is why Andy said

       "Put Your digital Money Where Your digital Mouth Is"

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A recent CBS Sunday Morning television show highlighted that Americans do love giving.  The show also showed that people at the bottom of the income chain are more apt to give than those with more lucrative salaries.  The show provided statistics that were taken from a recent study that showed $307 Billion was donated towards charity in 2008-2009; 72% of Americans give; 74% of Americans wish they could give more; and 75% saw giving as a moral responsibility.

With the downturn in the economy and through no fault of their own, many Americans are finding it extremely hard trying to make ends meet.  Regardless of what one might read in the paper or see on evening or morning talk shows, the average American citizen is not looking for any form of a handout.  What they are seeking is a little encouragement, opportunity, training and empathy.  It is Wiser Technology’s goal to provide a forum and website whereby those that have the means to give can feel assured knowing that their contributions are channeled to the right person and the right cause.  It is also our goal to create a system whereby both the receiver and the giver can monitor the impact of whatever is given whether the gift is in the form of training, monetary funds, or in the form of a mentor.

Wiser Technology’s vision is to create what we refer to as Karma Credits.  Individuals that are in need of help can go to the website and type in a simple request with a form of identification verifying that they are real.  The request might be for clothing, training, housing, employment, or food.  Individuals that are interested in donating towards a cause can access the website and offer a donation that will be turned into coupons better known as Karma Credits.  The person on the receiving end will provide feedback on how they put their coupons to use.  We are also encouraging recipients to provide feedback to the website through their cell phone. 

We feel that in this scenario everyone is a winner.  The donor is able to ascertain that their funds did get to the right individual and was put to good use.  The recipient is able to gain positive feedback that regardless of how small, people do care.  Hopefully, they will come to realize that although life may throw us challenges, we can overcome them through determination, establishing clear goals and objectives, and self-confidence.  We believe and have proven that if you can dream it, you can do it!

Beckie Dunn,

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