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                                                                                         Fox31 On Racism

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--->"It's The
'N***A House' On Google Maps"

Click->May 2015 Evaluation<- must see A.S.A.P Facebook video by Mrs. Sindy M.

         03/2011 Bump.com's Andrew Phipps told Andy:

"We have money now Andy, thanks to Mitch Thrower & we are going to put you in prison No Matter What"                            the call above was recorded & witnessed.

 Phipps then had Shurtleff file charges on Andy 07/2011! 

                                    Utah Pay For Play <- must read!

                     Utah's "Pay-To-Play" Exposed
! <<<

           Corruption:  1st  Shurtleff and Swallow,   Chief Hanson

            J.C.Y,   Leo,   Albright,   Todd Utzinger,  Holje,   Lyon,

                             Cox & Vitko, and  
ORS...---> =(x(;)=

Due to an ongoing
FBI investigation
 I, Allen Brady 801-819-5126 cannot upload Professor John Richards 2010 restaurant recording! Update asap.

Think about this: If Xtagged & Wisertechnology are scams, why are we still online... 

This is bull, I don't care if you guys change passwords!

I won't post video but in the video you will see honorable BYU Professor Sampson says "The way Andy explains the plate system has precedence" John Richards then gets in Sampson's face "What did we talk about!"
Sampson "Yeah okay fine!" as he throws his toothpick to his plate...

Daryl Acumen if you dare you can comment at public post here X!

                           KSL NEWS: Facebook comments!

Probation officer Chris Burton video will be loaded at www.JudgeCon.com

and title of www.Xtagged.com documentary will be called JudgeCon for all

the Judges AG Shurtleff & AG Swallow conned; Adam Sweet, D. Acumen

                      Mr. Lyon,  Mike Holje,   Bill Albright,  T. Cilwick

2011-2015 in Davis, Bountiful & A.F Utah over www.Bump.com<<<

Hillary Clinton didn't use .GOV, all Davis Co attorneys give private emails...

You all have seen so called victim Chris Engelbrecht and Daryl Acumen attack blog 
"D. I'm honored that Andy thinks I'm you" - now look at them attack Smiley Heroes

This video of Chris E. aka Cyruss77 created 05/2012!

 The video above will be replaced Easter Sunday 2015

Masta Lyon  &  Utah S.E.C. spent over $1,000,000 @ tax

payers expense
2009 - 2015 to get Ut racists...--> $13K :'(


 Brigham Young University - Attn: Reyes, FBI & Mia!

             Professor John Richards is now @ U.V.U!

Mac Grill (2010 recorded meeting, click here 04,05,15)

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