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Steve Klemark the man credited with Xtagged fix, Allen Brady and John Steer are heroes for not releasing a system that would put all people in danger. (Video coming soon to public, media is already aware of it click me)

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Xtagged can not reach settlement with Mitch Thrower, Andrew Couch & Andrew Phipps they sold a fatal system to BUMP & collected monies knowing the facts that's Securities fraud... Daryl A. ran smear campaign for extra 12 months for Andrew we will have more @ trial 02/26-27th...


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There are many differences between reality and the Internet world with the biggest being identity.  In reality, there are driver licenses, passports, military IDs, and social security numbers.  All of these makes it difficult, not to mention illegal, to produce an alternate identity.  The Internet world, however, has logins, passwords, confirmation emails, and pictures that are uploadable by the user with no verification possible.  This makes it very easy to create alternate and multiple identities.  What happens if your profile gets banned from MySpace?  You go create another under a similar name and a different email.  This problem is what makes the Internet such a dangerous place, especially for children and people who arrange meetings solely on what they know of someone online, whether it is for business or pleasure.  The easy fix to this problem would be to use  information that works in reality in the Internet world.  This does not work because people are very hesitant to use any of that information online. Who would be willing to give their drivers license number to register with a website?  Simply put, Xtag.co is the answer to this problem.

Xtag.co started 4 years ago by tackling one specific Internet question: how do you know for sure who you are going to meet when you only know them by an online profile?  There is one form of ID in the real world that has been passed up until now.  Every person with a car has a unique number that contains public information on the back of his or her vehicle: a license plate.  From this, Xtag.co started as an online dating site.  In order to open a profile, a user has to put a sticker on the back of their car (an Xtag) next to their license plate.  The user must then upload 3 pictures to their Xtag account.  One photo must be the users face (no sunglasses) next to their license plate with the Xtag symbol.  This identifies the user with their license plate.  If someone searches the license plate number on
Xtag.co, it immediately takes them to a portal page.  From that page, users can be routed to their social website (MySpace, Facebook), get their email, or anything the user wishes to make public.  This allows for two people to become familiar online without the risk of a falsified profile.  

The website also has a facial recognition program that can access statewide sex offender databases.  If a profile photo gets a 90% or more match, the program will send a red flag to be investigated.  If that individual is a registered sex offender, it will be noted on their Xtag portal.  Amazingly, with this system fully in place across the Internet, sex offenders and pedophiles will actually be easier to identify online than in real life.  For additional information about this technology, please visit Click Here

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Shar Jenkins at Playground in Park City Utah 2012.

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