Wiser Technology of Tomorrow, Today! Wiser E-Cig
In memory of the Marlboro Men who lost their lives...


Wiser technology research & development offices,
Wiser e-cig, KarmaCause, Xtagged, Xooplay, Wiser cover, Buzz/wiser, Wiser n.p.z, Chimera, Digital Internet Dna, New Wiser pad & wrap, etc,
Lakewood Co, 80214
   (Across from Walmart)
Cory Slater, Office manager on site. (770)709-4737

Cory Slater: XooPlay Manager, Cory is research tech at Wisertechnology.com Furthermore, Cory's father is a robbery homicide detective in Lakewood Colorado with FBI credentials. Cory@XooPlay.com or Info@XooPlay.com

Steve Klemark: XooPlay CEO, Steve is co-owner of www.WiserTechnology.com Steve also works for Halo, at the Denver police department. Futhermore, Steve's Father is 22 year veteran of N.Y.P.D and Air force. Steve@Karmacause.com


John Steer: XooPlay CIO, John is co-owner of www.WiserTechnology.com. John@XooPlay.com