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10.31.18 Daryl & Edward ignore USH crimes to attack!

10.05.18 Shae & Daryl, BYU meeting, "WETBACK"

Attention Utah AG Sean Reyes, Daryl replies & edits all...


10.31.2017 www.JasonChaffetzExposed.com

I Allen Brady (801)819-5126 told you all
 Andres Esquivel was innocent 
Davis county prosecutors are racist liars just look at their kids. 

(08.22.17)-> FBI, AG Reyes & media witness
 Ryion, Chris, Edward & Daryl

Daryl's new post 01.12.2017 has been reported to AG! 

Daryl 100% tied to: #1. Attorneys   #2. Ap&p   #3. O.R.S 

Daryl & Chris Engelbrecht taunt over Hero Computers felony aggravated assault in Bountiful, must see Hero's reaction when tagged on Facebook, they follow Daryl's online playbook 

 09.14.2016  www.SeanReyes.co/  =(x(;)= 

July 12 all violations dropped CLICK HERE

Update: Daryl Acumen aka XAndyHero puts Hentish on video  

 Daryl Acumen "Arrington won't let Andy speak" &

Ryion Butcher "Dumb asses at Davis county"

Ryion Butcher owns slander site attacking Andy & myself.

->Cinco De Mayo<- BOMBSHELL--->CLICK HERE<---

03.22.16 Judge stated "AP&P needs to do their job" & 04.19.16 AP&P to Judge Connors "Probation officer Hentish no show & never contacted us" I Allen Brady ordered both court videos March 22nd & April 19th & I will post them soon.
Next Court date May 10, 2016 (SMH)

MUST see, Andy's paperwork CLICK HERE!

  0(;)X)=      letter to Judge Connors 4/3/16      =(X(;)0


Davis County Andy's timeline CLICK HERE!

   Bartile & I4 solutions   

03.13.16 Daryl Acumen EXPOSED again but unfortunately
due to a civil lawsuit I will soon have to point this site to www.Bump.com!

FYI- I Allen Brady 801.819.5126 manages this site, NOT ANDY!

Andy's court 02.16 & gets released, next court 03.08.16!
 FB 02.17 Attn: FBI, Daryl A. & P.O. Hentish CLICK HERE! FYI- you must be logged-in at Facebook to access these links

 01.27.2016 Daryl Acumen-Master Debater replies "Andy Don't have a job told by probation officer Hentish" witnessed by Matthew Wright CLICK HERE 

 (911)- 12.01.2015 Daryl emails Andy's Probation officer... 

  11.12.15 Video #1 Click Here & 12.15.15 Video #2 Click Here 

 MUST SEE ASAP--->Chue's 01.05.2016 voicemail<--- 

compliments of Daryl's old partner Dak da hak

Look at Edward Gonzales caught lying about his uncle George
Daryl Acumen told Edward "Help me slander Xtagged.com
and I will split the money I have been offered with you"
That's why Daryl lied about full blown Herpes STD
that he 100% suffers along with Denice Bartlett

Happy Turkey Day Ed & Daryl

       Intern Fired After Super Racist Tweet Goes Viral

I didn't create Utah House Ni**er to be racist I exposed
 the racist that were telling Uncle Tom Daryl Acumen to       attack Andy Esquivel, Rebecca Dunn, Shar Jenkins etc.

Ladd Quayle & Chris Engelbrecht invited me to lunch after 09 BYU meeting, "Allen let's take this wetback down

09.28.15 SLC – A "BOMBSHELL" in the corruption case against former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.

 09-11-15 Chris Engelbrecht & his wife

 T. Utzinger,   M. Shurtleff   & their boy Daryl Acumen

Happy Birth-Day Andres/Andy & God Bless...---> =(x(};)= 
 Andy was going to post live B-D party video today 
 "No thX I've eXposed enough Utah Dirty Work"

911* Attn Josh James---> Just Click It!
^^^                                                                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

 Utah State Hospital Director Mike Cox, sucker 
 fish this one's for you, CLICK HERE

 Daryl Acumen will go to prison, no civil settlement  we demand criminal charges.
WT CEO Allen Brady

*911* John Steer Gets Dustin Reedel To Tell All 6/16/15

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Must See^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

...---> =(x(;)=     K-A-R-M-A     =(;)x)= <---...

 Daryl:'(       Chris Engelbrecht -----> FB:'( 

=(x(;)>     Update     <(;)x)=

               03/24/15 UNBROKEN...---> WiserAds...---> (x(;)O 

Happy Easter & God Bless(;)x)

Elijah Joseph Esquivel Easter Sunday 2014;)x

The Imitation Game...--->WiserAds---> (x(;) now you all know who really invented the computer, who do you all think invented the internet?
And you all know who invented www.Xtagged.com

Andy is inventor, Allen always had the so called securities:

Ryion, Kyle & Chris were never sold securities.
Corrupt attorney Mike Holje was watching us make video.

 3(D-x) Our New Website (;)x)<--- *^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*
www.Mandiant.com...WiserAds---> (x(;)

Daryl Acumen the coward 03.02.2015!

=(x(;)= FORMER U.C.N. No Longer Needed

"-Internet Campers-": racist/all recordings released soon,

2006- S.S. Daris Gardner tearing of his wife/LDS church.

2007- Saeed's Single & Dating vs. Andy's Xtagged.com.

2008- I-Safe.org Cali meeting with ex-F.B.I. agent J. King.

***2009***- full aggravated kidnapping video.

2010- meeting with BYU's Sampson & Richards.

2011- corrupt attorneys & prosecutor Lyon etc.

Andy recorded everything... Easter 2015!

(Andy told you U.S.H. and Mike Cox)

www.Xtagme.com        :'(         Juan M. Esquivel


www.Teslamotors.com...WiserAds---> (x(;)

-------------------->>> News Alert Below<<<--------------------

Daryl Acumen & ED now take a shot @ Mr. Reyes

=(x(;)=      Smiley Heroes      =(:)x)= 

"Utah Attorney General is on the job"

Matthew Jeremy Wright & Daryl Acumen CALLED OUT on Facebook***

-------------------->>>W11 News Alert!<<<--------------------

Smiley Heroes Ello portal & FB unlocked, Elijah unveiling.

Image credit


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To: Daryl & co-conspirators its this simple:

 Xtagged.com filed patent 11/09/2007 &

Bump.com filed patent May/20/2010:'(

Info @ 


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Meet Jillian Jensen - THE X FACTOR USA 2012

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3(D-[) Dr. Dislike, Better Run...Better Run Faster Then My Big Gunns;)x Cuz SmileyHeroes R Coming 4 U 3(D-[)


Meet Julia Bullock - THE X FACTOR USA 2012

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Meet Carly Rose Sonenclar - THE X FACTOR USA 2012

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 "Aviators For The Haters... & Andy's Peace-sign"...--->x(;  
Here's Part 1 of a happy ending must see;)x D.B.D3(D-[) 


Meet Emblem3 & Vincent Thomas - THE X FACTOR USA 2012

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Emblem3 - Chloe (You're The One I Want)

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No Phone Zone,

Over four years ago, Oprah began her ‘No Phone Zone’ campaign and pleaded with the public to join her in banning the use of using cell phones while driving.  Oprah took up the cause after reading about a mother that had lost her daughter as a result of someone that was using a cell phone while driving. The young girl was 9 year old Erica Forney of Ft. Collins, Colorado who was riding her bike in a residential area when hit by a 2003 Ford Expedition that drifted into the bicycle lane.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 6000 people died in 2008 as a result of distracted driving.  I cannot begin to tell you of the near misses that I have experienced that could have been fatal from people being distracted while texting or talking on their cell phone while driving.  In April of this year, Oprah was successful in getting at least 30 states to participate in her “No Phone Zone” campaign.  These states agreed to use social media, variable message signs along highways and traditional media to get the message out.  The effort is supported by the U.S. Department of Transportation, GHSA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Focus Driven, and SADD (Students against Destructive Decisions).


The April 2010 issue of PC World praised Oprah for her efforts.  The article read “To really encourage people not to use their phone while driving, we need better technology.  The auto industry needs to make Bluetooth integration and voice activation standard, not optional, and phone makers need to work with them to make it as easy as possible for all users.”


Wiser Technology is pleased to announce that we have included a No Phone Zone as part of our Wiser NPZ application as a gift to Oprah!  The application will be dedicated to Erica Forney in hopes that it will not only honor her brief time here on earth; but, it will serve as a constant reminder of how fatal using a cell phone while driving can be.  We are in the process of speaking with different state and federal organization for endorsement.  Stay turned for more information!!!

How the Application Works Just click it!


Happy Labor Day
, come get your free $100 Karma Credit & get
a taste of Karma, and Colorado!

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